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ATV Accidents 

Negrete Law Firm works with clients who have been involved in ATV accidents in and around the Phoenix, AZ, area. The State of Arizona has clear laws about how to be a compliant ATV driver. Reckless ATV driving is not tolerated, especially when negligence harms another person. While most ATV drivers abide by these principles and use them safely, there are times when an injury may occur due to operator error.

Since ATV accidents can have serious consequences, our firm is here to help you file for compensation and take care of the paperwork involved to pursue a claim. We understand the factors involved in presenting these types of cases and have successfully helped many clients get assistance for medical bills and other related expenses. Contact our firm today to learn more about our legal team or our experience in this area.

ATV Laws and Regulations

It’s important to understand the ATV laws and regulations in place in the State of Arizona. Much like other vehicles, ATVs must be operated in a safe manner, and they also need to be in compliance with other rules, such as being licensed and properly outfitted for use. Most people abide by these guidelines and enjoy ATV use in a safe and legal manner, but there are some cases when an accident may be caused or exacerbated by ignoring proper usage. In these cases, lack of regard for the law may be used in an injury case against the operator.

ATV injuries

ATV injuries come in different forms, and those who are hurt often include passengers in the vehicle or nearby pedestrians. We represent many people who have experienced an injury from an ATV-related accident.

Some of the specific injuries we see in these situations include:

  • Broken arms, elbows, fingers, legs, toes, or ankles
  • Skull fracture
  • Concussions
  • Serious cuts and abrasions
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Limb amputation

If you have been involved in an ATV accident, contact our firm to begin the process of filing for compensation.

Safety Measures

We advocate for safe ATV use at Negrete Law Firm, and we encourage operators to make sure they know how to use these vehicles in accordance with principles that help prevent driver error, including:

  • Reading the manual on your ATV and ensuring you fully understand how to operate the vehicle
  • Taking an ATV safety training course
  • Staying up to date on ATV recalls or important news concerning manufacturer errors
  • Never drive an ATV while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Maintaining a safe speed for conditions
  • Inspecting your ATV for issues before riding
  • Always wear a safety helmet and other protective gear
  • Bringing a communication device with you in case of emergencies
  • Wearing a safety belt while ATVing if available

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