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 Legal Expertise in Arizona for Hit and Run Accidents 

If youve been involved in a hit and run, youre likely scared, worried, and unsure what to do next. Though this situation is a serious one, Negrete Law Firm wants to assure you there are steps you can follow and choices you can make to achieve a better outcome in your case. Contact us for assistance with hit and run accidents Phoenix, AZ.

Dont Turn Yourself In 

Did you leave the scene of a hit and run accident? However, much you may regret your actions, don’t compound your error by making the mistake of turning yourself in right away. It’s illegal to leave the scene of a hit and run and doing so can have serious repercussions.

Instead, protect yourself by obtaining legal representation from Negrete Law Firm before talking to the police. Our trusted attorney will be your experienced and helpful advocate throughout the legal process. For example, we may be able to negotiate a cooperating interview that will avoid putting an arrest on your record. 

Contact an Attorney 

After a hit and run, it’s important that you reach out to a skilled attorney from Negrete Law Firm. Though every case is different, there may be a way for you to avoid charges, or to have your charges reduced or dismissed. A favorable outcome is more likely with the assistance of an experienced attorney. 

Remember, our attorney will not judge you for any mistakes you’ve made. We’ll do our best to help you navigate this frightening situation while standing up for your rights. Our attorney will also present your story and will highlight positive factors such as respectable employment, a stable family life, and contributions to your community. 

Auto Accident Attorneys in Phoenix, AZ

Record Any Details You Can

In order to present your side of the case, we recommend you make a note of the details of the accident while it is still fresh in your mind. You may also want to take photos of your vehicle to record the extent of any damage. 

In addition, you’ll want to be completely upfront with your attorney about what happened. This isn’t the time to leave out embarrassing facts or to omit mistakes you made—stick to the complete truth. Remember, our attorney will not chastise or judge you. And if you’re worried about a detail, let us know right away. By being aware of the situation, we may be able to mitigate any fallout.

Never Make False Statements

If the police or an insurance company track you down, speak to us before submitting to an interview. If you have not yet hired an attorney, keep in mind everything you say to the police can be used against youso dont say anything untrue. The same applies to interactions with an insurance company: False statements will hurt your case. 

Its better to have a lawyer at your side throughout every interaction with the police or an insurance company. Before submitting to an interview in person or even over the phone, first get in touch with Negrete Law Firm in Phoenix, AZ.

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