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Pedestrian Accidents in Arizona

Negrete Law Firm handles pedestrian accidents in AZ. We work hard to get compensation for people who have been harmed in and around Phoenix, AZ, and we have experience working with pedestrian accident cases. Pedestrian accidents can potentially cause serious bodily injuries and expensive medical bills. If you have been hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle, legal representation can help you get compensation to pay for the treatment you need to recover.

pedestrians, cops and driver stand around an SUV after an accident

Facts About Pedestrian Accidents

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), pedestrians are more likely to be struck by a moving vehicle during the day, but the majority of fatal pedestrian accidents take place at night. Factors such as driving speed and visibility come into play once the sun goes down. Accidents involving pedestrians are far more likely to take place in an urban setting rather than a rural area, so those living in or around Phoenix are at an increased risk of being struck by a vehicle while walking or running.

ADOT points out that there were 1,702 pedestrian crashes in 2017, with 226 people killed and 1,510 injured. The vast majority of those who were hit by a vehicle was crossing the street when the accident occurred. Other actions that could lead to pedestrian accidents include walking with or against traffic and standing in traffic. Regardless of the circumstances involved, pedestrians generally have legal recourse if they have been injured by a vehicle while walking or running in public. This is especially true if there is an aggressive driver situation.

Pursuing Compensation

Pedestrian accidents range from minor to severe, and each case is unique. If you want to seek compensation for any injuries and trauma you have experienced, Negrete Law Firm can help you. The first step is to contact our firm in Phoenix, AZ, and request a consultation. During this consultation, we will ask you questions about your accident and begin formulating a course of action on your behalf. If you have a police report or any other documentation regarding the accident, we will ask for that as well as any paperwork from a doctor or hospital.

Wrongful Death Lawyer Phoenix, AZ

Most people take safety measures when walking, such as using crosswalks, walking or running on sidewalks, and standing away from the curb while waiting to go across the street. Even when all of these precautions are taken, accidents can and do occur. If a vehicle of any kind has struck you or someone you care about, contact our firm for dedicated legal representation. We’ll help you get the fair compensation you deserve.


Our goal is to determine the facts of the accident and your current physical state so we can make recommendations for how to proceed. At that time, you can decide if you would like to move forward and file charges. If so, we will begin preparing the paperwork to file on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

When To Contact An Attorney 

If youre considering a pedestrian accident claim in Phoenix, AZ, its best to speak to an attorney from Negrete Law Firm right awayOnly after you have hired a lawyer can our attorney begin representing the victims estate. In addition, our experienced legal team can document the losses youve suffered and will know how to file claims  in a timely manner.

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